Block Printing

The technique of fabric printing is a significant surface adornment technique. The technique is widely used in the textile industry as a medium to boost the style and value of the fabric. Fabric printing is a process of imprinting patterns and designs onto a fabric with the help of colors. By hand or by machines, the textile industry is using several ways to print the fabric. One of these printing technique is hand block printing.

With its origin roots in the regions of China, Japan and India, hand block printing has a diverse history dating back to the 5th century BC. India has been celebrating its block printing techniques in varied forms from a long period of time. Distinct techniques like discharge, resist and direct style of printing are practised by various printing communities in different parts of the country. The traditional block printing techniques have been passed down to family generations to practice and promote it further. Sanganeri print, Kalamkari print, Bagh print, Dabu print are some of the printing techniques that have been originated in India. These techniques and their designs differentiate from other based on several factors- climate, cultural beliefs, availability of materials etc.

Hand block printing is a slow- moving but a tedious process wherein wood block designs along with colours are printed on to the fabric. It starts with carving out the designs into the wooden blocks which are later covered with colors. These colour dipped blocks are then pressed on the fabrics in a repeated manner. While these design blocks can be of metal too, wooden blocks are widely chosen because of its organic results. The colors used for block printing were originally obtained from various natural resources, but with the change in time and unavailability of resources, natural ingredients have been replaced by chemical colors in the industry.

With the increasing rates of exploitation in the handicraft sector, it is very essential to support and sustain the craftsmen to be able to keep the traditional crafts alive. Dhãran provides such a support platform to the local block makers, dyers, printers and tailors by providing them fair employment opportunities and an opportunity to showcase their skills.