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Join Team Dhãran

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Job opening

our vision is to be a sustainable linkage between fashion and traditional crafts.

We create contemporary garments using traditional skills. Our inspiration is traditional Indian textiles that had an essence of hand crafts and luxurious-styling, our collection are based on Indian festivals, occasions and seasons. Our main area of work in Women wear and our expertise is in hand details, hand block printings, embroideries, etc.

We are expanding in many areas and are looking for people with similar intrest to be a part of our core team. Email the details, jobs @ dharan.co.in

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We are looking for qualified merchandiser to handle our sampling department. Should have knowledge in creating and understanding of garment measurement specifications, grading details, fabric consumption, costing, accessory & trim sheets. Should have a good understanding of garment patterns, stitching & embroidery details. Should have 3-5 years of experience in handling the sampling team, that includes pattern master, tailor, hand embroider and other staff.

The job profile mainly encompasses taking a brief from design department, detailing out specifications, arranging suitable needed materials, coordinating the sample making process and further refinements if needed. All this should be well documented, in suitable formats. The candidate should have good communication skills in both English & Hindi, with basic knowledge of computers.

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We are looking for a shop assistant for our clothing store, with good understanding & exprience in garment sales, should have good communication skills. The person should have knowledge of computers for making bills and selling the stuff through online. A pleasant personality with decent communication skills in both – the English and Hindi languages.
Basic computer skills to operate the retail software. Maintaining the data for existing customer and building the rapport with new customers.