Hand Embroidered Beads Jewellery


This upcycle handmade fabric necklace was made with recycled materials (discarded fabrics, from samples that are used in the textile industry, stuffing, threads, etc.) to which we give another opportunity, it is to generate Zero waste.
New originally designed fabric chunky bead necklace. crafted from fine quality silk fabric covering 150 wooden round beads. Each bead is slipped through the fabric then sewn together. It approximately measures 1.80cm long.. This Handmade jewellry is a perfect accessory to complete your look.

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This fabric have been recycled from the Off-cut pieces, which make each piece slightly different and unique. The idea behind recycling those scraps of fabric is to generate Zero waste to attain sustainability. So, instead of throwing away or burning we at “Dharan” use this leftover scraps of fabric for innovating different Products which also Includes these beautiful Handmade Fabric Jewellery.

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